Oct 29, 2015

Create28: My Recap

I'm beginning to feel like a broken record at the end of each of the Create28 challenges that I've done, but wow, time really flew this time!

I have to admit that our Fall Challenge was a bit of a struggle for me, mostly because of my hectic school schedule.  Our last challenge fell during my summer break when I had plenty of time to devote to outfit creation, photo shoots and post writing.  The excitements and stresses of being in the first couple of months of a new job, however, made these tasks more difficult.

In a low moment a few weeks ago, my mom asked me if I would be willing to give up blogging in order to lighten my load a bit.  My immediate gut reaction was "no."  Regardless of how stressed I feel, this blog is one of the only things that I do for me.  As a teacher, I spend most of my waking hours giving and creating for others.  I really need this space because it gives me a reason to check in with myself every once in awhile and to do some thing that I truly enjoy!

So thank you for stopping by my little oasis!  I hope that you've had as much fun with Create28 as I have.  What were your favorite prompts this time around?  These were my personal favorite looks:

Plaid  /  Moccasins  /  Trend

Looking at these pictures together, I'm a bit surprised.  If you've spent any time around these parts, you may have noticed that I adore skirts and dresses...but I'm wearing pants in all of these looks.  Weird!  I think this might be because I've changed my eating habits in the last couple of months and am feeling better about myself and how I look in my pants.  The other common thread amongst these photos is a somewhat drapey top.  I guess skinny jeans + comfy top = my fall uniform!

I definitely wouldn't have made it through this month without my beautiful friends and cohosts, Carrie and Casey!  Carrie has the put-together office look absolutely down and Carey is the epitome of California cool.  These were my favorite looks of theirs:

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you, for playing along and for being part of my blogging experience!  Until next time, au revoir!

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