Oct 6, 2015

Create28: Mocassins

I have a confession to make.  Boots and booties are not my favorite fall footwear.  Gasp, I know, what kind of personal style blogger am I?

While I love my cognac riding boots and have multiple pairs of suede booties sitting in my closet, moccasins are my favorite cozy shoes to slip into on a casual fall day!  There is something so effortlessly cool about a pair of moccasins.  They state, "this is who I am, I'm comfy and that's all that matters!"

Despite the inherent chicness of a pair of moccasins, their best feature is that they are so darn comfortable!  Who doesn't want to wear a pair of shoes that feel like slippers?  This fall, a stretchy pair of skinnies, a soft sweater and a vest make for the perfect, comfy Saturday uniform (yes, I know it's Tuesday but I took these pictures on Saturday #truthfulblogger).  By the way, this sweater (which might just be my favorite piece this fall) is on super sale in several different colors.  I want one of each, please!

After years of wearing moccasins purchased from Target, I decided it was time to step it up and buy some good-quality moccasins (I did love my Target pair but I wore them until they ripped last year).  I recently invested in a pair from Minnetonka and I couldn't be happier!  Have you checked-out Minnetonka before?  Not only do they have classic moccasins but they have some really fun colors and designs, too (I'm eyeing you, hot pink pair).  And if I can't convince you to step out of your boots, you could wear a pair of moccasin boots!  Here are some of my favorites!

Do you love moccasins as much as I do?  Share your love on Insta (#Create28FallLooks) and by linking-up on Monday.  I also hope that you'll stop back tomorrow because Casey will be sharing a look featuring falls hottest denim trend: flares!

What I'm Wearing:
Sweater: Gap Outlet (exact)
Tassel Necklace: LOFT (similar, similar)
Vest: Eddie Bauer Outlet (similar, similar)
Skinnies: American Eagle (exact)
Moccasins: Minnetonka (exact)

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