Oct 15, 2015

Create28: Moto Look

Do you remember on Monday the Create28 prompt was trying a trend? I shared that I'm not always a trend girl. Having said that it probably will not come as a surprise that it took me a little while to embrace the moto look. But then...there had to be a but in there. I popped into f21 one day and spotted a super cute little blush moto jacket. Loved it except for the color. I knew I just wouldn't wear it. But then {again} I went online and was surprised to find it in black, in my size and on sale. Purchase!


moto look

  I decided to bring a couple of things from Monday into this post. The ideas of simple, color and not overworked. I really think a moto look is best when it is simple, which made me stick with black and a little white tee underneath. I added the leopard print scarf or a little interest. Now the only thing missing is the Harley. At least that's what my hubby said when he was snapping the pictures. He wanted to call his friend to bring his bike over for a real moto look photo shoot. I declined!


  Tomorrow Whitney will feature jewel tones. Oh the best color palette every. I am so excited to see what she has in store for us. Don't forget to add your looks on Instagram using #Create28FallLooks. We are all loving your great style.

Create28 Collage

  Have a lovely day, friends! Where you'll find me linking up.
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