Oct 31, 2015

Create28: Carrie's Recap

Oh my goodness! It's the end of October already and the close of another Create28. Friends, I'm so glad you took this journey with us. Style is always better with friends. I consider myself doubly blessed that you are here {my readers} and that I have lovely co-hosts {Whitney} and {Casey}. I know I have enjoyed your looks on Instagram each day. Thank you for showing us your style! To be very honest, my month has been jammed packed with so many things that I have struggled with putting together looks. For most of the month it did not feel like fall, which made it hard to get into the groove of fall looks. I've also been at war with my closet. What I mean by that statement is I have been having difficulty liking my pieces and finding I don't love very many. The ones I love I save for something "special". In the midst of that craziness I enlisted the help of my hubster. He gave me some incredible input which helped me to choose looks which I love from Create28 and really define me. {More on this conversation and such in an upcoming posts. Please stay tuned!} So these are our favorite looks.

color mixing-grey:wine:navy
fall colors collage
patterned bottoms
grey sheath collage
Create28Faves Collage

  It's odd that most of my faves were skirts and dresses. I rarely have the opportunity to wear them because my workplace is very casual and mostly denim is what is appropriate on a daily basis. Maybe that's what made Create28 fun for me...creating looks that I don't always get to wear on a regular basis. Of course, I have a fave of Whitney's! Love her plaid look so so much. Mixed with the stripes makes it even better! She's such a cutie!


 My fave from Casey was her long cardigan. Every element of this look just works together so well. It's just cozy, comfy and oh so perfect for fall and winter.


 That's our wrap on Create28 Fall Looks. We loved it and loved having y'all with us on this journey. We'll be putting another one together after the holidays. Please join us again and join in!

Create28 Collage

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