Oct 18, 2015

Create28: Favorite Blouse

I'm a huge fan of blouses! I'm quite sure that I own far too many but within the array that helps to fill up the top rack of my closet I typically can reach for few more often than others. One of my all-time favorites is this white one with little bitty black dots. It has so many possibilities and yet is simply classic.
favorite blouse

favorite blouse 1

  The reason I love this blouse is because it is a nice weight to wear under a sweater and yet does not feel bulky.
favorite blouse+sweater

favorite blouse+sweater2

  I chose a jewel tone cardigan to add a little color to this look, but this blouse could be worn under any color. Honestly, I had been looking for a blouse like this for quite some time and recently found it at The Limited Outlet. I was really pumped! Another favorite blouse is a lightweight denim blouse. Although it is also versatile it is not my favorite to wear under a sweater. I like to wear denim alone or with a vest or jacket. It's just my personal preference but I feel a little bulky with denim under a sweater.



  I have a few other favorites too which I've featured in other posts. This lightweight teal is in the jewel tone family and perfect to mix for fall and winter. Here it is simple but it can layered so easily with a sweater, vest or jacket. I featured this blouse in my post about color mixing, which you can find here.
color mixing-grey+teal

  Since I became a sucker for polka dots I added this to my favorite go-to look. You can read that post here. I have featured this blouse in several posts. You can find them here, here and here.

purple skinny+polka dot

  Here's another reason to love blouses and even invest in them. They can be season hoppers. This blouse worked great in the summer but it will now transition into fall and winter. It was featured in this post during Create28 Summer Looks.

Remix - tied

  It's true for this blouse as well, which was featured in this post this past summer.


fave blouses collage

  As you can see my favorite blouses stick pretty close to a similar theme and several of them are specifically from the Ashton line at The Limited. These blouses were purchases at Target {polka dot} and Old Navy {teal} during 2014.

fave fall blouses collalge

  What about these blouses which I wore in the summer? Can you visualize how they could be worn in the fall and winter? Here's what I've done previously. The striped look was featured here for winter and the blue polka dot was featured here.
Seasonal Transition Blouses

  I hope these blouses have given you some tips and inspiration for your own closet. I just don't think you can go wrong with a few basic blouses to mix and remix within your own wardrobe.
Shopping Ideas for Blouses
Create28 Collage

Tomorrow Whitney will be up with a Football Fan Attire look. Should be super cute to fall right in line with what she for a similar summer look. Again, we love seeing your looks added to the link-up {tomorrow as well} and on Instagram #Create28FallLooks. Show us your gorgeous selves ladies in your favorite blouses.

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