Oct 28, 2015

Create28: Layers

Ummm, correct me if I'm wrong but aside from pumpkin spice lattes and beautiful landscapes, isn't the best thing about fall the ability to layer clothing? When the temperatures begin to drop, it's time to create some outfit interest with layers. There are so many possibilities and I love it because it feels oh so creative to me. If you have a classic style or have ever thought about investing in some basic pieces then today's looks might be a happy place for you. When I put these outfits together I knew it was a total "me" look.

fall layering

I tend to wear only two layers, which mainly consists of a top and a completer pieces. Many times the completer piece is a cardigan {love me some cardigans}! Here I added a vest on top of the blouse and cardigan. I would wear this into work in the morning and remove the vest and possibly the sweater if it's a day when the temps creep up a little bit.

fall layering-all

These are all pieces from my closet that I love. Favorite skinny jeans {from The Limited which has great fitting pants}, a classic gingham blouse, a classic navy cardigan, a military green vest, a leopard print belt and menswear shoes. These pieces will take you lots of places if you're a remixer or capsule type of gal.

fall layering 3 pieces

Removing the vest and looks becomes more refined and a little less bulky.

fall layering 3

A great bag with a little color interest never hurts a classic look either.

fall layering w:purse

Do you have a style or a look that defines you? Maybe several looks that define you? This is one of those looks for me.

fall layering fave

Tomorrow begins our recaps of Create28 Fall Looks. Whitney is up first and will be showing us what's she created this month from her closet. Can't wait to see her post!

fall layering collage

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