Jul 22, 2016

Blogging Besties: Close Enough

The Blogging Besties series is the brain child of Alex @ Undergraduate Style and Whitney @ Whitney à la Mode. In 2015 the series expanded to include Maricel @ My Closet Catelogue and me, Selah @ A Bibliophile's Style. It's based on the idea of "take one, pass it on," but we're passing on an element from another blogger's outfit. It's a fun challenge that inspires us to be creative!

Last week, Maricel wore a lovely navy and pink floral top and counted it good for the prompt "lilac". Hey it's floral!

The prompts she gave me were "a dark floral print, ribbons, ruching, or something close enough".
I grew up with two very Southern sayings, "close enough for country picking" and "close only counts for horseshoes and hand grenades." I think when it comes to fashion, I'll go with the former. ;)


The lattice detail on the shoulders of my shirt are close enough to ribbons, yeah? I can't decide what color this top is. Nordstrom called it Burgundy, but it's too washed out for that. Mauve? Rose? I don't know.

Next week, Whitney gets the following prompts: fun detail, metallic shoes, favorite shorts, and indeterminate color.
Top: Nordstrom (SIMILAR)
Shorts: Old Navy (SIMILAR)
Necklace: Gingersnaps (EXACT PENDANT, EXACT SNAP)
Sandals: Payless (SIMILAR)
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