Apr 10, 2015

Create28: Lovely Spring Looks- Flaunt Your Floral Part 2

Well, two days ago, I left you with Spring + Floral = Lovely. I think that is a true statement! Springtime and floral prints just echo the beauty of flowers poking up through the ground only to open up with brilliant colors. I grew up in the north Mid-West and at the first sign of tulips, we knew Spring was upon us. I still love tulips and they just happen to be one of my all-time favorite flowers. I'm going to pull a double duty on floral and use today's post for Days 9 & 10. Sometimes a blogger has issues with pictures and whatnot so you just have to "make it work" as Tim Gunn would say. This is my make it work post, friends. As I was pondering what to style for a floral post, I knew I wanted to style a new floral top I purchased from Forever 21. I found through Mix & Match Fashion and this post. I waited a little too long to purchase it and when I tried it was out of stock. I thought it wouldn't really come back in stock but in a few days I received an email that it was available. I jumped on it! Lesson learned about procrastination. So glad I got it too because it is quickly becoming a favorite piece.
  Windowpane & Floral 2

Is this look a little bit shocking? I thought I would try something daring. Maybe this could be just for inspiration or maybe you would try something like this...what do you think? I probably wouldn't wear this often but for the right occasion, I might.

Windowpane & Floral 3pants/ON {similar} top/Forever 21 {similar} shoes/dsw {similar}

Well, friends I hope you'll take a step out of your comfort zone and try a new look. This is exactly what wearing this look is for me - out of my comfort zone.

Tomorrow we want to see your best spring scarf look!  Hope you have a lovely, day!

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