Apr 2, 2015

Create28: Lovely Spring Looks- Pop of Pink

As Whitney and I were collaborating for our prompts for Create28 Lovely Spring Looks, pink came into the mix. If you've followed me, you know I'm not a super fan of pink. But I have to confess I am trying to embrace it, especially certain shades. The shade of pink I'm styling today is one I really do love. It is a good shade for me and that pushes me to open up my little closed mind and think about pink and it's place in my wardrobe. I'm actually doing that thing I previously said I didn't like - pink and black. Again, it totally boils down to the shade. Yes, I'm eating my words...thank you!
  Pop of Pink 1Another reason I want to embrace pink and incorporate it into my wardrobe is because I think it is a segway into a softer feminine and girly looks. I am naturally that classic professional and a little chic look but I want to broaden my horizons an learn to incorporate pieces of other styles. As I've studied styles I realize I do not want to be pigeon holed into one category only. Variety keeps it fun and interesting. I am working on being creative in my style to be more interesting rather than predictable. Pop of Pink 2 Pop of Pink 5skirt/ON{similar} tank/ON{exact} sweater/ON{exact} shoes/payless{similar} necklace/?{similar}

 Do you remember that I also like pieces that reach across seasons? This skirt is from a fall/winter purchase but I'm going to stretch it into spring and maybe summer. As Spring has taken front and center stage {in my neck of the woods anyway}, it's time to think about what image you want to portray. Are you remixing your existing pieces? Are you adding new pieces? If so, what are they going to be? What about stretching yourself into a new style with a few different or unique pieces? Think colors, trends, patterns...Tomorrow, Whitney will be giving you some tips on Spring Jackets.

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