Apr 12, 2015

Create28: Lovely Spring Looks- Scarves Part 2

Until I participated in my first Style Me Challenge at Get Your Pretty On I would wear a scarf ocassionally when I wasn't sure what else to do to create a look. Through those challenges and following other bloggers and perusing through Pinterest, I have come to learn the beauty of a scarf to complete or compliment a look. They have the ability to provide a pop of color, pattern or print. What makes them so fantastic is that you can multiple options to choose in how to tie them to create different looks. This Spring I knew I wanted to add another floral scarf and I was thinking pink would be a good choice. I really am trying to embrace the pink, friends. Little by little it is growing on me and in that process I sense a broadening of my style palette. Guess what? I did find a floral scarf with pink that I know will have multiple options with my wardrobe.

Scarf 2
Scarf 1
dress/ON {exact} scarf/ON {exact} shoes/DSW {similar}

This little scarf works really well with a striped dress which was another item I wanted to add this season. Both embrace pink and I added the navy belt as another option to add color to this look. So here is a look with this scarf but to add interest there is multiple colors and different patterns. Tomorrow's look will be dresses and I can't wait to see what Whitney features. I already know she has some great dresses.

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