Apr 16, 2015

Create28: Lovely Spring Looks- Pattern Mixing or Sneakers Part 2

Well, I have to admit I made a detour in the schedule Create28 plan. Today, I was supposed to style pattern mixing but I am so pumped about these sneakers that I pulled a little fast one and changed it up last minute. These are my first sneakers! I remember last Spring I kept seeing sneakers with all kinds of looks. I also remember thinking...ummm, NO! I'm not going to cave and buy sneakers because they just aren't me. Fast forward a year and not only did I cave but I think a pair of fun little sneakers are just the thing to transition a little into a few more trendy looks. Here's what I look like when I cave in friends!

Sneakers 3

I decided to pick up some sneakers at Target because I wasn't sure if I would really like all that much. One day maybe I'll invest in Converse Chuck's but I think I'll wait and see how much I actually wear them. Since they are so versatile, they are fine with this little skater skirt but I really love sneakers with dresses. That might just be a look in an upcoming post. Tomorrow Whitney will be posting a Spring look with bright colors. One of the beautiful aspects of Spring is the emergence of color after a long winter. I can't wait to see what she features. Hope to see you again tomorrow, friends. Have a lovely, day!

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