Feb 10, 2016

Create28: Flannel

It was last winter when I fell in love with flannel. I fell hard but I didn't really find any flannel shirts that I loved or were in stock when I got around to making a purchase. But to me flannel and plaid are almost synonymous. Thinking along those lines, I do have a look from last year that is a flannel type look.
  Red Plaid

A plaid buffalo anything is a love piece to me. I thrifted this vest but purged it because it was made out of wool and it was itchy. In some ways I regret purging it but I replaced that buffalo plaid for buffalo plaid flannels - one popover and one button down. Love them but then I saw another flannel one day in November on a rack at Target. The colors just jumped out at me and said, "please take me home!" I felt sorry for the lonely shirt and obliged the request.
If you've been around here very long, you know this mustard skirt is one my favorite pieces. I thought it would be interesting to try it with a flannel. These pieces worked together and created a new look for me.

I probably don't have to ask this but I will...who out there loves flannel? What's your fave? I have crushed on lots of flannel but the red and black buffalo is my number one favorite. Tomorrow I'll be back with a pattern mixing look. I'm really excited for that post and hope you'll be back and see why. Are you playing along with us? I hope so and please add your looks on Instagram using #create28winterlooks.

Week 2
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