Feb 11, 2016

Create28: Mixing Patterns

Last year I was head over heels in love with mixing patterns. This was not a crush but full on deeply in love. As I think back, I'm fairly confident I rarely left the house unless I had some type of mixing going on. My mixing wasn't subtle either in was big and bold. Well, at least I think it was big and bold. What do you think?
  pattern mixing dots

My boldness only went so far though. I felt more comfortable staying in the same family color.
  Pattern Mixing 3
This year my mixing is more subtle and relaxed. It's as though I worked through my teenage stage and now have settled into who I am and my style. I'm still a lover of leopard {and Texas} and I especially like this bold version which mixing easily with the subtle marbled sweater.
  mixing tx mixing patterns
Friends, pattern mixing doesn't have to be big, bold and bright. It can be small, soft and subtle. Try to mix your patterns with similar sizes and complimentary colors. If it is intimidating then for sure stick in the same color family.
  pattern mixing
At the end of the day if I had to choose which pattern mixing I like the best and would most often it would be {hands down} this year's look. It's not overworked. It's more laid back and casual which fits my style and lifestyle. This look I could wear to work and on weekends. Yes, my work is that casual. Remember when you're putting a look together it needs to fit you. That means your style, color palette, personality and lifestyle. This year's look says exactly that about me. Tomorrow Whitney's up with a look featuring Fair Isle. Can't wait to see it! Hope you'll stop back and don't forget to check out looks on Instagram. Add yours with #create28winterlooks.

Week 2
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