Feb 20, 2016

Create28: Prints & Patterns

For much of my adult style life I have been a solids girl. Not only a solids girl but a lover of neutrals of the darker palette. Imagine my world getting rocked by the simplicity of one print or pattern! Well, it did and the first one to enter the stage and mess up my comfortable boring palette was a sweet little polka dot. Who knew the radial transformation that would begin by the entrance of dots? Dots lead to other prints and patterns but the love affair of dots in ongoing and endures the lure of lesser tempters. Yes, dots are my first love! I featured this dotted blouse several times last year in Create28. One of the looks was for a polka dot prompt {here} and at the end of Create28 it made the prompt for new favorite look {here}. I wore this blouse often in real life and I continue to even now. When I don't know what to wear, I wear this blouse and it goes with about everything!
  Leopard Belt
We were sent home from work the day this photo was snapped. Snow days in Texas are much different than those I remember while growing up in Iowa. Regardless, I'll take any snow day!
  New Go-To2
This year's look resembles the polka dot look from last year. I changed it ever so slightly by wearing grey denim instead of dress pants. I also brightened up the look with a bright menswear style cardigan. I have discovered recently that I like the look of a little menswear influence. I've mentioned that before and I say it again because I know we tend to evolve and discover new things in our style that brings about a greater comfort in the image we present through our clothing. That is something that has been HUGE for me recently.
  polka dots menswear + polka dot
These grey jeans replaced another pair I purchased because I HAD to have them. The first pair fit poorly and I really did not like them. So I had to purchase them twice. I am trying not to do that in the future. Fit is key and I don't want to compromise on that at all.
  dots new polka dot look

Last year's looks and my current look are definitely ones that I like. Every item from last year's look is still hanging around in my closet. I'm glad I chose to update this look with a bright cardigan. I purchased this cardigan before I began my break with shopping. I thought the color was a good one for me but also one that would transition into spring. Pieces that can cross multiple seasons can be a great investment in your wardrobe, friends. Don't overlook that possibility. Tomorrow Katey & Betsy from Two Peas in a Blog will be sharing their twin style. If you haven't stopped by their blog before then you are missing out. Hop on over and check it out.

week 3
It's not too late to try and put a hold on your shopping. If you're interested in join a group of sweet ladies who are striving to shop their closets, learn their style and be content with what they own then, "Let's Be Shop Free for 3" is for you.
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