Feb 9, 2016

Create28: Red + Pink

What comes to mind when you think of red and pink? I immediately get images of dancing heart-shaped cookies with red and pink icing. But how does that translate into an outfit? For a person who doesn't wear or own much red, today's Create28 theme was initially a real challenge. 

What made the outfit come together was laying out most of the red and pink items from my closet. After doing so, it didn't take long to come up with today's look. My hi-side split sweater and my knit infinity scarf were calling out to me most, and not just because it was so windy and I wanted to double up on the warm and cozy. The colors and the textures seemed perfect together. I realized while I was putting this post together that the last time I wore this scarf, I also wore it with a tunic sweater. I guess there are just some things that are meant to go together, and we can add pink & red and tunic sweaters & infinity scarves to that list. How do you wear red and pink?

Scarf: mall stand (option)  //  Sweater: LOFT 
Pants: The Limited  //  Boots: via Payless (option

Big thanks to Whitney, Carrie, and Casey for letting me join in on the fun!
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