Feb 13, 2016

Create28: Plaid + Cargo

Happy Saturday, Friends!!! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Today I pulled out one of my FAVORITE summer/fall items--my cargo vest!! I never really thought about wearing it in the winter (i love it with jean shorts and my striped dress), but I never really thought about actually wearing it in the winter with jeans and boots!

I had planned in my head to wear a cozy blanket scarf but on the day I decided to take pics, it was a blazing 75 degrees ...thus the sunglasses and lighter weight scarf!! I am actually loving the cargo green and red together!

Cargo Vest: similar, i also saw a REALLY cute one at Target but it's not the one currently on the website--it's way cuter!)
White Tee: similar
Plaid Scarf: similar, similar
Jeans: Express (exact)
Boots: similar, similar

This entire outfit is from my closet (that is the purpose of Create28!) but I am also on a self imposed shopping ban for....well, let's just say for a good while!!! Definitely through Lent!! It definitely forces me to be more creative when creating outfits..which is a GREAT thing! I had never thought to wear my cargo vest in the winter but I was looking for items I LOVED to wear and this fit the bill....and it works perfectly in the winter!! I could also wear it over a sweater if the weather permitted!

What can you pull out of your closet and "winterize??"

Are you playing along with us?? I hope so! Use #create28winterlooks!

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