Feb 27, 2016

Create28: Olive Pants

Hi! I'm Shaunacey and I'm soooo excited to be here!! I'm a mom of 2 busy kiddos and am constantly fighting a battle with the frump. I blog over at Simply Shaunacey about fashion, family and life in general.

When Casey asked me to contribute to Create28 I was almost sure she emailed the wrong person lol. I'm a formerly frumpy mommy of 2 super cute kiddos.

My style is pretty casual and needs to work with chasing around the littles!

I chose to style olive pants because I kind of love colored jeans but for some strange reason I have found it challenging to to style my olive pants. So for you guys, I'm getting it done! I even decided I would forgo the iphone mirror selfies and take some pics with my 'good' camera.

Here are a few ways I'll be styling my olive pants:

For a date:

Olive pants aside, the fur vest is another piece I love but struggle with. Why not get completely crazy? Plus, date night/afternoon is pretty much the only time I can get away with wearing this vest (fur and teething/drooling babies who put everything in their mouth do NOT mix - just an FYI).

Throw on some gold accessories and you're good to go!!
See how I have previously styled my fur vest here and here.

For warmer weather:

This look is a little more spring-y. I hope all you warm-weather folks will enjoy it. In the meantime, I'm up here in Canada reeling from a huge dumping of snow. Now is NOT the time to remind everyone that we don't all live in igloos... because... well... snow.

I LOVE my demin jacket. I am pretty sure I have had this since highschool (which is way longer ago than I'm willing to admit at this current moment). It's a wardrobe staple and I'm so glad it survived so many closet purges!

Plus, how perfect is it with olive pants?! Score!


A big giant THANK YOU to Casey for asking me to be a part of this!! I love what you ladies are doing!

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