Feb 25, 2016

Create28: Mixing Three Colors

It's time to mix up some colors...three colors to be exact is what' up today for Create28. During Create28 last year I tried a look which mixed three colors. This is something I hadn't done before but I have definitely done it since then and liked it, I might add. I tried a couple of different looks using three different colors with this prompt last year. My favorite look incorporated mixing purple, blue and green. I really like the combination quite a bit.

Three Colors 3

Wardrobe confession time: I did let the pants go in the purge. They were just lower-waisted than I liked, which made me not love them. I kept the other pieces but I recently wore the purple sweater and decided it just doesn't lay right. It's making an exit soon. Another look created using this prompt was part of my inspiration for this year's look. Well, actually I was using the inspiration from the purple sweater and had decided to pair it with the pumpkin blouse and blue sweater. Then I discovered this look from last year.

Three Colors & Leopard

So I went with this look for this year. Top pieces are the same but using the purple inspiration on bottom.


three colors

This look is one that is just okay to me. I've really struggled to love the purple skinnies. When I bought them I was super excited thinking they would go with almost everything in my wardrobe. But then....I found that to be a little false. They are also a brushed fabric and guess what? I really don't like it. Truth is I really like purple and it is one of my better colors. Letting go of these two purple items will mean I'm purple challenged in my closet. I'm sad about that but hopefully something wonderful in purple will be added in the future. What about you? What colors do love? Do you have them in your closet? Well, friends, I'd love to see your take on mixing three colors. Don't forget to share on Instagram using #create28winterlooks. Can't wait to see what you come up with today.

week 4

Tomorrow Whitney is up with outerwear. This is something I have not much experience with this year because of our extremely warm temperatures so I'm looking forward to seeing what she puts together.
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