Feb 12, 2016

Blogging Besties: Harry Potter, Printed Socks and an Oversized Sweater

Selah had such a comfy, casual look last week.  And that tote bag!  In the words of my high school students, I can't even!

From Selah's look last week, I could choose to pass-on a marled texture, oversized, printed socks, nude booties or Harry Potter.  As a Hogwarts student wannabe , I knew that I had to incorporate my favorite Harry Potter accessory...my muggle mug!

And so some brilliant blog inspiration was born!  I was going to hold a photo shoot in my naturally lit, clean apartment wearing my favorite comfy yet put-together loungewear with a steaming cup of coffee in my muggle mug!

But alas, real life intervened and after a long week of teaching and coaching, I'm sitting in a dark apartment with makeup smudged under my eyes and no one but my cat to help with the photography. Did I mention that the muggle status applies to my cat as well?  He is not magical and therefore can't actually take pictures.  

So I apologize for not posing in my outfit this week but I did attempt a flat lay for the first time.

These are my favorite kinds of outfits to lounge in lately.  I used to wear baggy pajama pants and t-shirts, but leggings and a printed top feel more intentional and pulled together.  An oversized cardigan ups the coziness while maintaining a more chic look than a bulky sweatshirt.  Fuzzy socks and that mug of hot coffee (or tea in this case) create the perfect look for a relaxing morning or evening at home.

And again, I apologize for not having pictures ready for this post!  But you know what, life isn't always perfect and that's ok!  Now please excuse me while I go lounge in my cat fur-covered leggings with my muggle cat and my muggle mug!

Alex, next week you can pass-on loungewear, leggings, stripes, an oversized cardigan, fuzzy socks or your favorite mug!

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