Jul 16, 2015

Create28: A Sporty Look

"Sporty" can definitely encompass many different looks. You can be "gym sporty" with cute workout attire, you can be "baseball sporty" like Whitney's look yesterday or you can be "casual sporty" which is one of my favorite, easy looks.

In this look I am just wearing a cotton, striped jersey dress --a wardrobe essential in my opinion! I added my Converse sneakers and a baseball hat which are also two wardrobe essentials!! My Chucks have seen better days because I wear them SO OFTEN! I am in the market for a couple more pairs--maybe one white pair and a colored pair. I can totally picture a nice red pair with this outfit!!

A cute baseball cap can cover a multitude of sins, let me tell you! From tired eyes to a bad hair day--a fun baseball-style hat can be both cute and functional.

Striped Dress Options (click on any image for details) ~

Chambray Options ~
Sneaker Options ~

Cute Baseball Hat Option ~ 

A few of my "casual sporty"-look DOs and DON'Ts ~

1. DO wear casual, wash and wear fabrics for ultimate ease and comfort!

2. DO choose a cute pair of sneakers or slip ons.

3. DON'T wear tennis shoes--I leave my bulky gym shoes for just that--the gym! Or when I'm in the mood for the "gym sporty" look. "Casual sporty" is supposed to look like a put-together outfit, not workout attire :)

4. DON'T over complicate things and add lots of accessories. I know as people who enjoy fashion, we always like to add, add, add...accessories, pops of color, layers, etc. But the beauty of an outfit like this is it's simplicity.

Here is more "Sporty" inspiration for ya!

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Join us tomorrow as Carrie sings the Summer Blues!! Hint: There is nothing SAD about her outfit!!

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