Jul 15, 2015

Create28: A Batter Up Baseball Look

One of my favorite things to do on a sunny, summer afternoon is sit back, relax and enjoy a baseball game!  I grew-up attending games in Chicago with my family because my dad is a big Cubs fan.  While I'll still root for the Cubbies, I've grown into a fan of my home state's team, the Detroit Tigers! In any case, a few hours spent at the stadium with a hot dog (my favorite part) and a good game to watch make for the perfect summer afternoon in my book!

Obviously a tee supporting your favorite team and a pair of comfy shorts make for a perfect baseball-watching ensemble.  However, the cute clothes lover in me always wants to spice things up a bit!

One way to add interest to a simple "jeans and tee" outfit is to add a completer piece.  A completer piece can be a cardigan, blazer, denim jacket, vest or any other element beyond your top and bottoms.  You might be thinking, "Whitney, it's summer.  I do not want to be wearing a jacket!"  And you're right!  If it's too steamy outside to wear an extra layer, try tying it around your waist instead.  Or you could add a denim or cargo vest for a lighter option.

Another idea for creating a more interesting baseball look is to work with color.  Maybe you have a skirt that is the perfect shade of Washington National's Red!  Pair it with your tee!  Or perhaps you own a cardigan that really brings-out the orange in your Baltimore Oriole's gear, perfect!

My last tip in putting together your perfect baseball uniform is to add a pattern.  Patterns always add interest to an outfit.  You can work with neutrals (I bet those black and white striped shorts in your closet would look super cute) or the colors of your team!

For my Create28 Batter Up Baseball Look, I've followed each of these tips!  A navy and white gingham shirt worn open (so you can see my Tigers tee, of course) adds detail, color and pattern to my jeans and t-shirt.  You could replicate this look with jeans or shorts depending on the weather and I think that sneakers add the final sporty touch!

Who are you rooting for this summer and what are you going to wear to cheer them on?  Show us on Instagram (#create28summerlooks) and at our Monday link-up!  Also, check-out my Pinterest board for some more baseball inspiration!

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Carrie, Casey and I have sports on the brain so check back tomorrow for Casey's Sporty Look!

What I'm Wearing:
Tee: Meijer 
Gingham Shirt: Banana Republic (similar, similar)
Jeans: American Eagle (exact)
Sneakers: DSW (exact)
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