Jul 29, 2015

Create28: Whitney's Recap

Well ladies, we have made it to the end of Create28: Lovely Summer Looks!  Create28 is the brainchild of Carrie who started this series back in February when I only played along on Instagram.  I love this challenge more than others because you can jump in and out whenever you like...it doesn't require as much forward thinking and planning as a capsule wardrobe.  I also think that it provides genuine, easy inspiration when you are standing in front of your closet each morning (and who doesn't need some creative wardrobe vibes every once in awhile ?).  For this reason, I'm excited and proud that Carrie has let me join in on this Create28 journey.  Adding Casey to the mix has made this experience even more fun!  I know that you have been following along with our outfits all month, but let me tell you, working with these ladies behind the scenes has been an absolute blast.  Carrie and Casey are so genuine, sweet and creative.  If you don't follow them already, please do!  They are the real deal!

Without further ado, here are the twelve brand new looks I created for the Create28: Lovely Summer Looks prompts:

I really am proud of each of the ensembles that I created because I feel that they really represent my style and personality.  As I look through these pictures, I see lots of feminine skirts and dresses, fun patterns and pretty colors.  If I had to choose a my top three looks, they would be the following:

I'm super curious!  Which of my looks did you like the best and why?  Which of your looks did you like the best and why?  And while we we're at it, here are my favorite looks from Carrie and Casey's Create28 outfits:

We really hope that you've enjoyed spending time with us this summer...so much so that we've decided to continue our Monday link-ups!  This coming Monday we want to see the rest of your Create28 looks.  After that, we just want to see whatever your favorite post of late may be!  So please join us for our Lovely Little à La Mode Link-Up!

Also, a few last minute reminders for today:
-Show us your Create28 Recap and favorites on Instagram (#create28summerlooks)
-Enter our giveaway below for a $75 gift card to your choice of Gap Brands, LOFT, Nordstrom or Target (you don't have much time left to enter)!
-Come back tomorrow to see Casey's Recap

So finally, thank you so much for hanging-out with me this summer!  If you've had as much fun as I have, please follow me on Bloglovin', Instagram or Pinterest!

Au Revoir!

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