Jul 19, 2015

Create28: Summer Footwear

I can't believe we are already on Day 19 of Create28!  Today I'll be talking about my favorite shoes for summer!

Listen, I am a recovering flip-flops addict, so while I don't get super fancy with my summer shoes, I have found some fun, new shoes that are GREAT alternatives to flip flops.

First, here is why I was a flip flops addict for so many years:

~ They are comfy
~ They are easy to just slide on
~ They go with everything
~ They **can** be cute if you get the right pair!

I still LOVE my Havaianas flip flops, don't get me wrong. I will never abandon my first love :) But they don't exactly scream "style!" Here are some of my new faves that are comfy, easy and go with virtually everything!

Options 1 & 2 are just as easy to put on as flip flops, but gives an outfit WAY more style.

Option 1: Slide-On Sandals ~ These slides are probably the most worn shoes in my closet right now!! I never dreamed I'd wear them so much. They are just like flip flops in that they slide right on, but the embellishment and style make them so much more put-together-looking :)

Slide-On Sandal Options ~
Option 2: Slide-on Sneakers ~ You probably know my Converse love by now and I especially love these that don't tie. Yes, my Chucks have seen better days and I need a new pair, but just looking at them, you know I wear them...like, A LOT!!!!

Slide-On Sneaker Options ~

Options 3 & 4 are not slide ons and for this reason I thought I'd HATE them, but they're really not that much trouble at all! I'm glad I tried something new :)

Option 3: Low Wedge Sandals ~ Although I love tall wedges like THESE, I just don't wear tall wedges on a daily basis. These low wedges, though, I DO!! They are tall enough to elongate my short legs,but not too tall where I can't run around and chase my kids in them! I wear these with shorts, skirts, jeans, whatever!!!

Low Wedge Options ~

Option 4: Glitter or Embellished Sandals ~ Something about glitter or embellishment on shoes can really "make" a plain outfit feel special. I snagged these at Target for about $12 on sale and I love wearing them. They're flat and comfy and I just can't argue with glitter :) Click HERE for my exact sandals.

Glitter/Embellished Sandal Options ~

These four pairs of shoes (AND my flip flops!!) are what I live in...all the way until October! I'm really glad I finally have some "new" options besides just always reaching for my Havaianas just because I think they're easy....but they're just too good to abandon completely!

What are your "go to" shoes in the summer?? Don't forget to show us your faves by linking up tomorrow OR at #Create28SummerLooks! AND!!! Tomorrow the raffle opens for a $75 gift card to Gap Brands, Nordstrom, Loft or Tarjay....I think that's enough to make everyone happy!! :)

 I'll leave you with more Summer Footwear inspiration!

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