Jul 10, 2015

Create28: Summer Scarves Looks

Hello, FRIDAY!!!

Fall and scarves go hand in hand. I always look forward to breaking out my scarf, ahem.....collection come Fall. Let's just say I have a few scarves....let's just say I may have a slight scarf, problem :) Scarves are just such an EASY way to add color and life into an outfit. Not to mention, they are functional so you know I'm all over easy and functional :)

However, in the summertime, you might not always think to reach for a scarf. I get it. When it's 100+ degrees out, any type of clothing besides a swimsuit on your body is enough to make you sweat--especially anything around your NECK! But on warm days, it is possible to wear scarves without overheating. Here are a few ways to make scarves work in the summer ~

1. The Jersey Scarf ~ Small and lightweight, this scarf is almost like a glorified necklace! It's just the right size to add color to an outfit, without being too close to your neck . The jersey material is cool and won't make your overheat. This scarf is a 27 inch infinity loop and measures 26 inches wide., so it's pretty small. Look for similar dimensions if you are buying a scarf online.

2. The Necklace Tie ~ When you have a bigger scarf and you want to keep it away from your neck, you can "twist tie" it up using the method below. It becomes almost like an infinity scarf and a cute little "necklace." :) The "twist tying" keeps it away from your neck. This scarf measures 72 inches long and 26 inches wide.

The Necklace Tie Method (Twist Tie)

~ Start with the ends of the scarf evenly down your back.

 ~ Bring the ends forward, to the front of your body

~ Starting on one side, wrap the loose end of the scarf around the loop that's formed. Keep wrapping until you get near the end of the scarf. 

~ Repeat on the other side. Adjust as necessary. You should end up with both sides twisted and away from your neck. I like to leave a little out and let it hang a bit.

3. As a Belt ~ What a fun way to add a little something different to a boring jeans/tee outfit! And nothing near your neck! Score!

4. On the Bag ~ If all else fails, a pretty scarf always looks nice tied to your purse or bag!

If you are really awesome, you can use scarves in your hair in the summer, too! I'm not that advanced yet, but I'm trying :) I will keep you posted, but don't hold your breath waiting for any scarf-hair-tying tutorials! HA! Stop by tomorrow when Carrie will show off her awesome summer statement necklaces!

In the meantime,  here is more summer scarf inspiration for you!

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