Jul 23, 2015

Create28: Summer Layering

Do you layer your pieces in the summer? Does that seem odd? When it's hot it seems a little strange to add extra clothing. But when indoor venues crank the A/C down it can get a little cold if you're sleeveless. There are definitely reasons for layering in summer: Reason #1 ~ It adds a little warmth. Reason #2 ~ It adds variety and interest to your look. Reason #3 ~ It allows for better remixing options. Maybe you don't actually add that extra piece when you walk out the door but you can't go wrong with taking it with you. My go-to item that I grab is a light sweater. This look is one I would wear if we went out to see a movie. For me, it's seems to be a little too cool in most theaters.
  Summer Sweater 3

Summer Sweater 2

I'm keeping it casual but adding interest with the pattern mixing. I kept the look within the same color scheme for easy mixing. You can do this, ladies! I promise!
  Summer Sweater

Although I added a lightweight sweater, it would be just as easy to add a denim vest {medium wash or even white}. Sandals could replace the sneakers too and you have created an even different look while keeping the base {tee and shorts} pieces the same.

Summer Sweater - sittingshorts/ON {exact} tee/ON {similar} sweater/target {similar} sneakers/payless {similar}

For some great inspiration and fun summer layering looks, click on the Pinterest board.

Be sure to stop back tomorrow when Whitney will be showing us a Date Night Look. We all need one of those don't we?

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