Feb 9, 2017

Create28: Neutrals

Neutrals are my love language right along with solids. These are my comfort and where I’ve spent much of life style-wise. It wasn’t until I started blogging that I began to branch out into more colors and patterns. After patterns came pattern mixing and my world was turned upside down. Although I love all of those, I’m beginning to realize that basics are just where I fit best and what makes my life easy when I’m getting dressed.


This look just makes me feel confident, content and happy. Why? Because it’s not overworked but it’s put together. Don’t get me wrong, I {we all} need some patterns and jazzy stuff to spice up our wardrobes but for a quiet introvert like me, solids and neutrals are soothing and peaceful to me. A good structured neutral look exudes confidence. That is the place I’m looking for in my style.

Putting navy and camel together seems very classic and practical. It wasn't until recently I thought to add a little grey. Pop! That was a deal maker...Previously I would have worn a statement necklace instead of this patterned grey scarf. Either one makes for a great basic neutral look. And from the Create28 archives {February 2015} was a neutral look I featured during that series.

Originally, these were my neutral looks for this post. It's funny how I thought these pants fit until I saw the pictures. I'm rethinking their place in my wardrobe. I would love your input. Keep or not? original neutral

We love seeing everyone's looks on Instagram. Don't forget to post yours with the hashtag #create28winter17.


Tomorrow Whitney is up with polka dots. Love the dots. All the DOTS! Hope you day is FAB and not just neutral! Carrie ~ xoxox Save Save Save Save Save
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