Feb 5, 2017

Create28: Smitten with the Mitten State

As soon as Carrie mentioned wanting to do a Deep in the Heart of Texas prompt for this round of Create28, I knew that I wanted a chance to represent my beloved Michigan!  Though I love to travel and have moved around a bit, a large part of my heart can always be found here.  You can't beat the beautiful beaches of Southwest Michigan, the charm of Mackinac Island, the unharnessed wild of the Upper Peninsula or the kindness of my fellow Michiganders.

Did you know that Michigan is called the Mitten State because the Lower Peninsula is shaped like a mitten?  Hence my "Smitten with the Mitten" tee!  I also decided to play-up the prompt (and the monochromatic purple look) a bit by wearing my new pair of mittens with the matching hat.  I suppose it's only fitting because you need to wear these cold-weather accessories if you are even thinking about stepping foot outdoors in Michigan these days.

Embarassingly, this was my attempt to show you how to form the state of Michigan with your mittened hands.  But I did it backwards.  Oops!

I hope that Create28 still inspired you to make a new outfit today.  Did you dress with Michigan in mind?  Or perhaps you let your own home state inspire you?  We want to see your look on Instagram (#create28winter17) and don't forget to link-up tomorrow!

What I'm Wearing:
T-Shirt: Michigan Awesome (exact)
Cardigan: Old Navy (exact style)
Jeans: American Eagle (exact)
Hat and Mittens: Gap (exact)
Shoes: Converse (exact)

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