Feb 15, 2017

Create28 and New Year Styled: Under-Layered Fair Isle Sweater

Last week, I mentioned my most-used method of layering, over-layering.  I say most-used because when in doubt, throw a cardigan on over your outfit, am I right?!  But while I layer this way most frequently, under-layering is actually my favorite!  Whenever I think to throw a collared shirt underneath a sweater (like I've done here) or under a dress, I think yes!  I love this outfit!

Apparently I really like wearing shirts underneath this sweater because I layered the exact same way one year ago!  To change things up a bit, I decided to make this years' version a work look!

So now that we've talked about both, which do you prefer, over or under-layering?  And don't forget to link-up your favorite style with The Blended Blog for New Year Styled below and check back tomorrow to see how Carrie styles vests.

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