Feb 28, 2017

Create28: Whitney's Recap

And just like that, Create28Winter17 has come to an end!  I'm really proud of how I've done this time around.  I truly shopped my closet without adding any new pieces and went back to my roots of remixing.  This focus has really helped me to feel cleansed of my constant need for more and I've put together some really fun new outfits!

That being said, the every-other-day posting of outfit photos got to be quite the challenge there at the end of the month!  I'm happy to take that pressure away and to give myself a little bit of grace in regards to photographing outfits in March.

How did you do with our Create28 challenge this month?  Did you participate?  Were the outfit prompts helpful in getting you to remix your wardrobe?  Or did you just enjoy following along?  Do you feel indifferently towards the series?  I would really value your feedback so feel free to comment below!

Before wrapping-up completely, I want to showcase my favorite looks that I put together this month as well as my favorite looks that Carrie featured!

I think the common theme across my three favorite posts this month is pride.  For the first two looks, I'm so proud of my remixing.  Most of these pieces have been in my closet for years but I put-together completely new looks that I absolutely love and that really feel like me.  Remixing doesn't have to be boring!  You really can find looks you adore!

I'm also proud of my scarf-tying tutorial.  I always imagine writing helpful posts like this but usually chicken-out because I don't want to come across as a know-it-all.  But I went for it!  And I like the way it turned-out!  Hopefully you found the post useful but didn't get the feeling that I was being boastful.

I chose these three outfits of Carrie's from this month's challenge as my favorites because they are so very her!  For the past month or so, Carrie and I have been trying to help each other to really define our personal styles (other bloggers, do you find yourselves overthinking this sometimes as well?).  We definitely still have work to do and will hopefully be posting about our process in the future.  But until then, I want to applaud Carrie for nailing her style in these looks!

Well, friends, that's about it!  Make sure you hop on over to Carrie's blog to read her recap.  And thank you from the bottom of my heart for playing along with us!

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