Feb 16, 2017

Create28: Vests

We are over half through Create28 and I am just super excited about the prompts that I’ve had and will be featuring. The reason behind that statement stems from the realization that I continue to determine what pieces I gravitate toward, what gives me confidence, makes me feel put together and polished + what I truly love and don’t in my wardrobe.

Another thing that has helped in this area is creating a Wardrobe Inspiration board on Pinterest. This fabulous idea came from Whitney and is becoming super helpful to me. You might want to try it for yourself. I search for various styles of outfits and it helps me to narrow down what I love and the image I want to portray stylistically in my life.

After saying all that I know without a doubt that I love vests. I wish I had a few more because they are awesome completer pieces. The vest I would love to add is a navy/green tartan plaid from J. Crew Factory. It didn’t make it into my closet this year but who knows what the future holds. But this herringbone one that has been super popular {for great reasons} is my fave. Honestly, if this was my only vest I would consider myself fortunate.

This look is considered classic with a little subtle pattern mixing. Again I'm in the neutral realm with pieces that are solid basics and staples for a remixable wardrobe. That is appealing me to because it means less pieces and hopefully ease in creating new looks.

herringbone vest

It is totally remixable and versatile enough to wear at all different venues. I wear it work and I wear it casually on weekends. All.the.time!


It is one of my all-time favorite pieces. It truly mixes with almost every top/blouse and bottom that I own. That makes it a great investment! Do you have a similar pieces that does the same in your wardrobe? Do you own a vest or two? What’s your fave?

DSC_0135 (1)

Are you adding your pictures to Instagram using #create28winter17? I've seen some great looks already and hope to see more! Tomorrow Whitney is back with stripes. Hope to see you then! And don't forget to hashtag your looks on Instagram #create28winter17.


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