Feb 18, 2017

Create28: The Pencil Skirt

The pencil skirt. Can I be honest? I don’t love them. It’s true. I am true lover of the A-line or the soft flirty skirt. Maybe its just this pencil skirt because it seems a little high-waisted to me. Or maybe because I feel exposed in pencil skirts is why I don't love them. Whatever the reason is, I really struggle to wear them. Don’t get me wrong, I have them in my closet and love how look but that is mostly on others. But I continue to try to wear this black pencil skirt. Since black and white is always a classic combo I thought I would try that and see how I felt about this pencil skirt. I also thought I would twist up the cardigan look and wear it button instead of open. I have hardly worn this white cardigan since I purchased it last spring. I featured in on Monday in this post and have decided I really do like it.
  pencil skirt

pencil skirt

black pencil skirt

I have featured this skirt before on the blog...more than a few times and here's the proof. pencilskirt1 pencilskirt2Tomorrow Whitney and I are both back remixing a sweater + it will be link up time. Hope to see you then!


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