Feb 20, 2017

Create28: Sweater Remix + Link-Up

Hey y'all!  As this post is published, I will be sleeping-in and enjoying a relaxing cup of coffee at home.  Yep, this teacher has the day off!  In fact, I've had a four-day-weekend.  The first two days saw the end of our competitive cheer season.  That plus the beautiful weather we've had has me feeling all sorts of happy!

How has this round of Create28 been going for you?  I'm really curious!  Have you been able to play along?  Have you been posting your looks to Instagram or just wearing your awesome new-to-you outfits?  Have you found the prompts to be helpful?

Truth be told, the end of this series has been a challenge for me.  I had the first half of my outfits pre-photographed so posting was a breeze.  But lately, trying to keep up with real life and blog pictures has been quite the trying task.  I'm hoping, after this four-day-weekend to rejuvenate, I'll be able to finish strong!

For today's post, both Carrie and I are remixing a sweater!  My mustard cardigan is by far my most worn sweater in my closet.  I've worn it bunches on the blog but also in un-photographed moments in real life.  I thought it would be fun today to look back at all the ways I've remixed it on Whitney à la mode!

Original Posts
1     2     3
4     5     6
7     8     9

You may notice that two of these outfits have even been from this month's Create28!  Do you have a favorite of these looks?  I think I have a two-way tie for first place!  I like the look with the teal skirt and the blanket scarf as well as the polka dot shirt and black skirt.

And now it's time for our weekly link-up below!  Don't forget to stop by tomorrow to see how Carrie styles Printed Pants!

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