Feb 11, 2017

Create28: Blazers

True story: I have avoided blazers since about the time we said good-bye to shoulder pads and the 80’s. Why? They just felt constricting to me. I felt confined and not able to move freely in a blazer or so I thought. In the last year or so, I have slowly begun to embrace blazers once again. Take note - Style Advice 101: I’m still avoiding shoulder pads and you should too, friend!

{Windy day + cannot keep hair in place = sometimes you have to go with what you have in real life.} Keeping it real, friends!

I do love to mix browns or shades of brown and black together. I have loved that color palette for like forever. This blazer with it's pretty lining is easily remixable because the tweed pattern can pull so many colors in with it. I've worn black, purple, green and these cream tops underneath and each color creates a different look.

I typically wear this blazer on a cooler Texas day to add a little warmth. This was not one of those days but in the office it's always a cooler day.


Blazers. I'm a little smitten with them. What about you? Do you wear them? Favorite color or fabric? I would love to hear what you wear in the blazer department. Tomorrow Whitney will be back featuring cozy cable-knits. Sounds warm and comfy and total winter style.


 Hope your day is as lovely as you sweet readers! ~Carrie - xoxxo Where I'm linking up. Save Save Save Save Save Save
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