Feb 6, 2017

Create28: Remixing a Dress

When I first started Whitney à la mode, my primary goal was to keep motivated in remixing what I already had hanging in my closet.  As the years have come and gone, sometimes I've stayed strong in my purpose and other moments I've found myself wanting more and more.  Lately, though, I feel more inspired than ever to wear my pieces frequently and creatively.

As silly as it sounds, remixing my wardrobe brings me peace.  I feel content and grateful for what I have and don't feel the constant desire for more.  I know that I'm making smart money decisions by refraining from shopping.  And I'm having fun playing with my clothes!

In keeping with my current purpose, I'm happy that Carrie and I have decided to make each Monday link-up of Create28 a remix post!  For our first edition, we are both remixing a dress!  Make sure to stop by Carrie's post today to check out her inspiration.  And keep on reading to find that link-up!

This was my "first day of school" dress this year and I'm just as in love with it as I was this fall!  The fit is just perfect, the neutrals mix with so much of my wardrobe and the pattern is fun to play with.

Of all the ways I've worn this dress,  this is my favorite.  I do believe I pulled-off mixing three prints in one outfit!  And I feel so very me in this ensemble.

And this is definitely a go-to look for me.  Favorite dress, check!  Throw on a cardigan, check!  Ready to go!

Which of the two looks do you prefer?  And what is your favorite way to wear a dress?  Don't forget to link-up all your Create28 looks below!

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