Feb 14, 2017

Create28: Perfect Pearls

Happy Valentine's Day, my loves! Hope yours is full of love and being loved! Oh, how I love pearls. Multiple strands and differing sizes are my fave. I have to stop myself from pinning all the pearls when I'm on Pinterest. I was in J. Crew Factory outlet store the other day and I spied some fab pearls. I so wanted to purchase them but I sadly remembered I am on a shopping ban so I had to step away and settle on the inspiration for future looks. Currently, some of my favorite pieces make up this Create28 featuring my perfect pearls.

I have to be honest about pearls. They make me feel confident and polished. For me, they are the perfect completer piece for many looks.
  black blazer + pearls

black blazer & pearls

What's funny is that I tend to not wear my pearls as often as you might think. I have this habit that I am trying to break. It's the habit of saving things for good instead of wearing them and enjoying them. This has been a continual challenge for me but as I try to be intentional in changing that habit it is working.

Wear the things you love! Enjoy them and let them bless you with confidence. And I'll do the same! Thanks for posting looks on Instagram, friends! I've been enjoying stopping by #create28winter17 and seeing them! #create28winter17
Seize the day with your BEAUTIFUL self and gorgeous style! Carrie ~ xoxox Save Save
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