Feb 17, 2017

Create28: Stripes Stripes Stripes

Do you want to know something fun about blogging friends?  Sometimes they understand your style even better than you do!  Take this shirt, for example.  Carrie picked it out for me!  She totally nailed it by choosing a pretty peplum in my favorite pattern: stripes!

Speaking of stripes, I was reorganizing a portion of my closet the other day and wound-up with a stack of at least seven different striped shirts.  I may have a problem but I'll never admit it!  I love stripes too much!

Are stripes your favorite, too?  How have you been styling them lately?

I just want to add a quick note about this top before I wrap-up this post.  It was generously given to me by Zaful in exchange for a review.  As usual, I'm super impressed with the quality of the garment. The material is a good weight and is very crisp.  My one complaint is the fit.  I sized up to a large and the top is still really tight across the bust.  I love the style but you might want to consider other tops if you are at all busty.

Alright, friends!  Thanks for stopping by today!  Come back tomorrow for a discussion on how to be practical yet stylish at the same time!

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