Feb 23, 2017

Create28: Leggings

The leggings craze has never really grabbed me fully. Don’t get me wrong, I think they are super comfy, versatile and so super easy to wear. But I definitely don’t want to wear them unless certain parts of me are covered well. That’s a personal preference and because of that I haven’t embraced them all that much. I’ve also struggled with finding a pair I really like and that fit well. Is that crazy? Fit well? They are knit and stretch and should just shape to my body but I have definitely tried on many a pair that don’t. Saggy in the wrong places is not a good look for anyone, friends. And then...

And then there are these. Faux leather fronts and knit back. I’ve worn them out and truthfully I’ve worn them to work. Not sure that’s okay but I didn’t ask. I figured I ask forgiveness and not wear them again. Evidently, it was okay. Yay, for stepping outside of the box!
  black leggings

Now these leggings I really do love. They are a little classy and edgy all wrapped up in one. I love that!

black leggings

black leggings

Where you do fall in the spectrum of leggings? Love them/hate them? Favorite pair/favorite kind? Are you a plain color or opt for prints? I love some input because next cool weather season, I might just have to jump in with two feet! Hope you'll be back tomorrow with Whitney for boots. We all have to have some great boots in our wardrobes don't we? For sure, Whitney does!


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