Feb 1, 2017

Currently: February (Stomach Bug Edition)

I had every intention of writing my monthly Currently post earlier this week but, alas, I was struck-down by a nasty stomach bug.  I'm finally feeling a bit better so, with a little humor (especially if you've been hit by said bug), I present you with Currenty: Stomach Bug Edition.

packing: my school bag full of crackers and Gatorade so that I can survive work without any awful incidents!

jonesing: for solid food.

texting: my dad, "Please send help and the most mild soup you can find!"

reading: a lot as I'm in and out of consciousness.  More specifically, I just finished An Elephant Can Remember by Agatha Christie.  She is my all-time favorite writer but this is possibly my least favorite of her books.

hearting: my cat for keeping me company during the good, the bad and the ugly!
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