Feb 24, 2017

Create28: Boots Boots Boots

The title of this post should really be, "Boots and Wrinkles."

Well friends, this is what I look like after a day of teaching!  I really do wear all of the outfits I feature here on the blog.  Most of the time I attempt to photograph them before I wear them but sometimes life says otherwise.  Oh well, this is me, wrinkles and all!

I'm really happy that Carrie and I included boots in one of our Create28 prompts.  These riding boots are some all-time favorites of mine but I'm finding that they are getting less love this year.  This challenge gave me the perfect reason to pull them out of hiding.

I combined the boots with some other old classics, my chambray dress and cognac bow belt, to create a look that I actually love!  Isn't it funny how a new combination can make you fall in love with pieces all over again?!

How are you wearing your boots this winter?  Show us on Instagram (#create28winter17)!  And pop back tomorrow to see how Carrie styles camo!

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