Feb 27, 2017

Create28: Remixing a Scarf

My initial idea for this post was to feature one scarf with a bunch of different outfit ideas, but then I had a light bulb moment!  You see, I purchased this bright and vibrant silk scarf from a silk factory during my fall trip to China.  But have I worn it since I brought it home with me in November?  Nope!  I know that square silk scarves are in style these days and I know that I love the style and memories associated with this scarf.  But what I didn't know was how to style a silk scarf.

After spending a little bit of time on Pinterest, I am now ready to wear the heck out of this scarf and to share my new scarf-tying knowledge with you!  For reference, I learned from this pin and am using its style names!

Style #1: Like a Bandit

To wear this style, you fold your silk scarf in half into a triangle.  Grab the two triangle edges that are along the crease and wrap them once around your neck.  Tie the ends together and tuck them under the scarf hanging in front.  I loved the simple look of this style and think this is a great way to dip your toes into silk scarf wearing.  My one struggle was getting the scarf to stay in place.  The material is so slippery and the look is loose so it just wouldn't stay in place.  I think I'll try safety pins next time to help!

Style #2: Like a Classic Rich Girl

This look is super easy to achieve.  First, fold your scarf into a triangle like you did for the bandit look.  Then roll/fold the scarf into a long strip.  From there, wrap the strip around your neck a few times and then tie into a knot!

Style #3: Bowed

For this feminine look, create the folded strip of a scarf that you used in the last look.  From there, drape the strip around your neck with the loose sides hanging in front.  Then tie the ends into a pretty bow!

Style #4: Like a Classic French Girl

I think this might be my favorite of the looks!  Of course I always want to look like a French girl, plus it's just the quintessential silk scarf style, don't you think?  To achieve this style, start with the bandit look.  Instead of tying the ends and tucking them, though, wrap them one more time around your neck and then tie a tighter knot at the side.  Keep the knot and the ends out overtop of the scarf.

What do you think?  Which of the four styles are your favorite?  Are you ready to take on the silk scarf?

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